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30 x 20 cm

watercolor on paper

Amputation for a person is a very traumatic experience. Amputation changes space and feelings. After this operation, a person has to adapt to a new life. The adaptation can go very easily. Or maybe the other way round. It depends on many factors. But the experienced experience will accompany a person all his life, but whether he will be traumatic to the patient or change it for the better depends on the lice from him.
In my work, I create a very simple analogy, comparing the loss of a certain territory of the country with amputation of the limb. And for Ukraine in 2014, the surgeon who carried out such an operation was Russia headed by Putin. But we are not the first to suffer from the hands of this surgeon. In one list with Ukraine is Moldova, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.
In my work, I want to ask a few questions to the citizens of these states: How to live further? What has changed in their lives in this situation? Do not they have phantom pains? And most importantly, will they be able to live without a prosthetic?

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