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Battleship Potemkin is one of the best-known films in history. However, in its essence, it was the propaganda of the Bolsheviks. One day Joseph Goebbels noticed this: "This is a great film. From a cinematic point of view, it is unsurpassed. Anyone who is uncertain in his convictions, after his review, may have become a Bolshevik. This once again proves that the masterpiece can be successfully established in a certain trend. Even the worst ideas can be propagated by artistic means." The most climax of the film, which confirms the previous thesis, is the raising of a red flag over the deck of the battleship. However, removing such a frame was difficult, due to the specifics of black and white cinema. That's why Sergei Eisenstein decides to shoot a white flag. Next, he decides, for the premiere show, to paint each frame of the film, which was depicted as a flag, in red. In my work, I repeat the gesture of the director, coloring myself, the same personnel with the flag, but with the only difference that instead of the color of the Bolshevik flag, I use the colors of the flags of the most influential ideologies, the struggle of which is in the modern Ukrainian society.
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