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produced during Artsvit gallery residency program

The problem of the oligarchy in Ukraine has been around for many years. As a child, I was surrounded by political calls to fight oligarchism in Ukraine. I grew up, but no significant changes took place. A new generation of children is now growing up and continues to hear about the struggle against oligarchism. Only the slogans have changed. But the oligarchs are also changing. Quite often they appear in the role of good philanthropists who support art, education, and so on. In my work, I appropriate the operational practice of children's drawing competitions, which are organized to wash away their image and create new loyal supporters through the use of children. My work has a form of children's drawing contest "My favorite oligarch". I invite children to draw a portrait of their favorite oligarch and compete for valuable prizes. This practice in the gallery context also becomes a reflection on the Ukrainian art system, asking questions about the origin of the money that finances art
and asking about the seriousness of art prizes and awards.


Children aged 6 to 14 were invited to participate in the contest. There were two stages of competition. At the first stage, each artwork that was selected online had to meet all technical requirements. The  artworks that were allowed to the second stage were exhibited at the show in the Artsvit Gallery, among them were chosen the winners of the competition, who were awarded with valuable prizes and diplomas. All other contestants received participation diplomas.

Winners of the youngest category:
Third place — Sofiia, 7, "My oligarch is my mother";
Second place — Anastasiia, 8, "My teacher is my oligarch";
First place — Angelina, 8, "Kolomoyskyi Ihor Valeriyovych".

Winners of the mid category:
Third place — Valeriia, 9, "Portrait of Vadym Novynskyi";
Second place — Mariia, 11, "Petro Poroshenko";
First place — Anastasiia, 12, "Yulia Tymoshenko".

Winners of the oldest category:
Third place — Oleksandra, 13, "Ihor Kolomoyskyi through the eyes of children";
Second place — Kateryna, 14, "Rinat Akhmetov";
First place — Anton, 14, "Portrait of Victor Pinchuk".

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