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4 - channel video

The plot of the video "Prayer for the Author" is based on the story of a famous court case in Victorian England called R v Dudley and Stephens (1884). In 1884, near the Cape of Good Hope, the crew of the four-crew Mignonette crashed in a storm. They managed to escape by lowering a small boat made of thin wood in the middle of a stormy ocean. Of the supplies, they had only two cans of root vegetables. They also did not have access to drinking water. On the twentieth day, two of the four team members decided that in order to survive, one of the team members, who was in a coma at the time but alive, should be eaten. They killed him and it saved them, but provoked lively discussions from a moral and ethical point of view in the society of that time. In the video, a similar story happens in a nightclub toilet. Four girls at a party are using drugs, the situation leads to a metaphorical overdose of one of them. The event forces other girls to find the right solution to the problem. During the video, the girls reflect on modern ethics, feminism and the world after #MeToo. The discussion leads them to the only morally correct decision in this situation - to kill the author of the artwork within which they are. The visual language of the film destroys the so-called male gaze and female gaze, due to the destruction of the DOP.

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