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After the introduction of social realism, art in the USSR had to serve the "majestic" achievements of the October Revolution and, in general, of the socialist revolution, which was built with all possible, and not very, resources. This was especially true for cinematography. Also is confirmed by Lenin's quote: "Of all the arts, cinema is the most important thing for us."
After the Dignity Revolution in Ukraine, the so-called law on decommunization was adopted. The purpose of which is to remove any mention of the Soviet period from public space. The establishment of a list of cultural monuments subject to the law and its implementation is monitored by the Institute of National Memory.
In my work, I am deconstructing social-realist films, turning them into meaningless abstractions. Because, in my opinion, this gesture is identical with the actions of the Institute of National Memory. With decommunization policies, they turn the memory of the Soviet Union into a memory of the same meaningless abstraction that, in my opinion, can have dire consequences. Forgetting the Soviet period as a whole, we forget the awful events of the period, which in turn can lead to their recurrence.

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